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With the pending onset of warmer weather, residents should be aware that there are life-safety concerns regarding the installation and use of the blue inflatable-type swimming pools. While a permit is not required from the City for these types of pools, the following code requirements apply to pools that are more than 24 inches deep:
  1. The pool must be protected by a barrier at least 48 inches high above surrounding grade. This barrier may consist of a fence, the walls of the residence, or, the pool walls itself provided that any access to the pool can be secured.
  2. If a recirculating pump is provided, there must be a grounded, GFCI protected electrical outlet between 5 and 10 feet from the exterior wall of the pool. Extension cords are not permitted to be used.
  3. The edge of the pool must be at least 10 feet horizontally from any overhead electrical wires.
While these types of pools are inexpensive and easy to install, the potential for accidental drowning or electrocution still exists. If you have any questions regarding a pool installation, please contact the Community Development Department at extension 131.