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West Chicago Survey Control Network

This page is designed to provide information about Geodetic Control located within the City of West Chicago in an effort to make this data more accessible to the surveying community and other interested agencies, and individuals.

Patrick Engineering Inc. was commissioned by the City of West Chicago in the Spring of 1998, to conduct a Global Positioning System (GPS) horizontal control survey and a digital level vertical control survey network. The minimum specifications established by the City for these networks was first order horizontal (1:100,000) and third order vertical (12mm Vkm maximum loop closure) both as defined in the Federal Geodetic Control Committee Guidelines. It should be noted that for both horizontal and vertical the survey results met or exceeded these specifications.  The project was not submitted to the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) for inclusion into the National Geodetic Reference System (NGRS). Patrick Engineering surveyors performed the work with the assistance of West Chicago Engineering Department personnel.

Methodology for Setting of Control Points
The horizontal network consists of all Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Section and Quarter section corners within and surrounding the City of West Chicago limits. The section and quarter section corners were surveyed if they existed based on recorded “Monument Records.” Some PLSS corners were re-established by Patrick Engineering surveyors based on available recorded documents. Where no section or quarter section corners existed, City of West Chicago personnel set monuments in the general vicinity thereof. These corners were set far enough from the PLSS corner so as not to be assumed as a section or quarter section corner.
It is the intent of the City that all future development plans and GIS data acquisition will be tied to the control network points. The user community is advised to use accepted surveying practice in the use of these networks.

Horizontal Monument Location Map (PDF - 564k)
Description of Horizontal Adjustment
Horizontal Coordinates Based on NAD83(1997)
Vertical Monument Location Map (PDF - 517k)
Description of Vertical Network
Vertical Map Elevation Data
Monument Field Sketches