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Planning & Zoning

imageLike every successful community that continues to grow and evolve, West Chicago has been a work in progress since its founding in 1849. An ever-focused vision on the future has rewarded it with enviable open space, diverse housing options, a healthy business mix and a charming downtown.

The Planning and Zoning Division is charged with the responsibility of providing current planning guidelines as well as long-range visioning. When a property owner decides to develop in West Chicago, staff guides him through the review and approval process. A developer submits an Application for Zoning Approval (.pdf - 160k) that is reviewed by the staff to determine if the use is prohibited, permitted or a special use. Certain types of development only require staff review to determine if it complies with zoning regulations, while others are more complex and require the involvement of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals before going to the City Council for consideration.

Similarly, if one is interested in opening a new business in West Chicago, they must follow a procedure that includes filing a Application for Zoning Approval (.pdf - 160k) for the building they wish to occupy. If the proposed use complies with the zoning regulations, the building must then pass the change of occupancy inspection. The landlord or seller must call 630-293-2200 extension 131 to schedule such an inspection. The City Inspector and West Chicago Fire District Inspector will inspect the property for minimum life safety requirements. Once the building passes the inspection, the new business owner must register the business with the City by completing the Business Registration Application (.pdf - 87k). When all steps are complete, the new business owner will be issued a certificate of occupancy and may occupy the building.

Applications necessary for various zoning requests are available by clicking below:
Zoning Map Amendment (.pdf - 1.85mb)
Special Use Permit (.pdf - 2.02mb)
Preliminary/Final Plat of Subdivision (.pdf - 1.36mb)
Planned Unit Development - Preliminary (.pdf - 2.19mb)
Planned Unit Development - Final (.pdf - 1.68mb)
Annexation Petition (.pdf - 1.34mb)

Minor Subdivision (.pdf - 892k)

Minor Variance (.pdf - 1.05mb)

Text Amendment (.pdf - 892k)

Variance (.pdf - 1.86mb)

With a constant eye on long-range planning, the City Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Map, which depicts the desired future use of property within the City and its planning area. The planning staff uses the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance to help the public understand the appropriate use of property and the regulations that must be met to develop property.

Based on direction from the City Council, the staff also conducts planning studies of specific areas and development related issues in the City. Public input is solicited to give citizens a voice in the process. Recently, the City conducted the Grandlake/Elliot Neighborhood Study.

2014 Zoning Map
(PDF - 2.9 MB)