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Below is a list of the forms and applications that are available. Click on the link for the particular form. You will need to enter your information (on the bold lines or boxes). All of these forms require a signature. You will need to print and sign each application before they can be submitted.

Each form is accompanied with it's instruction page, please follow all directions for submitting.


Title File Type File Size
Alarm Permit Application .pdf 75k
Amusement Tax Form .pdf 213k
Annexation .pdf 1.35mb
Artéculture Information & Entry Form .pdf 57.59k
Auctioneer Application .pdf 655k
Automatic Payment .pdf 32k
Banner Project Submission Form (link to online form)    
Bicycle Registration .pdf 271k
Block Party Request Form .pdf 143k
Boards & Commission Application .pdf 291k
Brilliance in Business Awards 2014 (link to online forms)    
Building Permit Application .pdf 348k
Business Registration .pdf 87k
Carnival Permit .pdf 125k
Certificate of Appropriateness .pdf 110k
Citizen Claim Form & Incident Report .pdf 701k
Contractor's Registration Application .pdf 26k
Deck Permit .pdf 520k
Deed Certification Form & Instructions .pdf 160k
Demolition Permit .pdf 842k
Deviation .pdf 178k
Downtown Retail & Restaurant Business Grant Program Application .pdf 265k
Facade Improvement Grant Program Guidelines and Application .pdf 232k
Fence Permit .pdf 533k
Field Change Permit Application .pdf 128k
Fireworks Permit .pdf 58k
Forma de Impuesto de Juegos .pdf 213k
Freedom of Information Act Request Form .pdf 96k
Fundraising Application .pdf 25k
Garage Permit .pdf 700k
IL Premise Alert Program Enrollment Form .pdf 169k
Liquor License Application .pdf 24k
Mexican Independence Day Celebration Parade Application 2014 .pdf 627k
Minor Subdivision .pdf 892k
Minor Variance .pdf 1.05mb
Museum Request .pdf 838k
Pool Permit .pdf 505k
Preliminary Final Subdivision .pdf 1.36mb
PUD-Final .pdf 1.68mb
PUD-Preliminary .pdf 2.19mb
Raffle License .pdf 864k
Recreational Fire Permit Form .pdf 391k
Rental Dwelling License Application - Annual Renewal .pdf 60.44k
Rental Dwelling License Application - Initial Application .pdf 396k
Residential Occupancy Form .pdf 30k
Roof Permit Application .pdf 41k
Service Request Form .pdf 318k
Sewer & Water Disconnect .pdf 824k
Sign Permit .pdf 315k
Site Development Permit Application .pdf 52k
Solicitor Form .pdf 24k
Special Event Permit Application .pdf 298k
Special Use .pdf 2.02mb
Spray and Pay Claim Form .pdf 71k
Text Amendment .pdf 892k
Vacation Watch Request Form .pdf 84k
Variance .pdf 1.86mb
Vendor Form .pdf 518k
Water Usage Survey .pdf 273kb
Zoning Approval Application .pdf 160k
Zoning Map Amendment .pdf 1.85mb

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